C# TasteKid API wrapper

TasteKid API wrapper (www.tastekid.com)
I needed to use TasteKid API and for this purpose I made C# wrapper for this API. You can download it from CodePlex here :


or even participate in development ;)

NuGet package : nuget.org/packages/TasteKidSharp

Just to note that you have to agree to TasteKid TOS to use this and send API use request to TasteKid, here http://www.tastekid.com/read/api

Here is usage example :

var resp = TasteKidRequest.Search("daft punk");
Assert.IsNotNull(resp.Similar.Info.FirstOrDefault(ii => ii.Name == "Daft Punk" && ii.Type == "music"));
Assert.IsNotNull(resp.Similar.Results.FirstOrDefault(rr => rr.Name == "Justice" && rr.Type == "music"));
Assert.IsNotNull(resp.Similar.Results.FirstOrDefault(rr => rr.Name == "The Chemical Brothers" && rr.Type == "music"));