SQL Server Alias Switcher

Windows application that set MS SQL Server alias(es) with predefined groups.
Little application that solves problem connecting to SQL server for development. I got tired of constantly changing config file that holds connection string (web.config in my case) and that file was under source control so I have to be carefull not commit config file with temporary changes. Reason for this changes is a fact that I work on my laptop and dock it at home and at office and on both places I have SQL server on separate machines. SQL Server Alias Switcher solves this problem and provide a fast way to change current SQL Srver configuration with Alias feature. SQL Server Alias switcher requires elevated privileges becouse it changes Alias configuration by writing into Registry under HKLM.
Sorry but there is a no instalation (yet!), SQL Server Alias Switcher is a portable application, download, unzip, edit config.json to set your custom aliases and run application. Config.json configuration options are documented on project GitHub page. Application requires .NET framework 4.5.
Screenshot of Alias configuration picker popup menu, app icon is displayed in system tray:
SqlServerAliasSwitcher tray popup menu screenshot
Github page:https://github.com/antonio-bakula/SqlServerAliasSwitcher
Download: sqlserveraliasswitcher-release-1.zip