Top Process - monitor CPU and Memory usage

Top Process is lightweight system monitoring tool for Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10. It will allow you to monitor resources consumption on your machine.
Top Process shows CPU / MEM consumption chart, HDD usage percent (% Disk Time), top 5 windows processes sorted on memory consumption and CPU usage, there are several windows gadgets that do the same but I don't like windows gadgets because Gadgets are slow and they are getting information about processes from WMI, and that is also slow and often unreliable, so I decided to build small desktop application for that purpose.
Top Process will merge all processes with the same executable name, some applications run in several processes and this way you can get better information about real system resource usage (eg. for Google Chrome).
DownloadTop Process (no instalation needed, just unpack and go)

You can find source code of project on github:

Here is the screenshot of application: